Harken Midrange Blocks

The Harken Midrange blocks are ideal for higher load applications on medium sized offshore yachts.

Suitable for Mainsheets, halyards, spinnaer sheets and control lines.

£ 110.80 inc VAT

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The blocks consist of UV stabilised carbon black cheeks wrapped with a stainless steel plate for extra strength.

They all feature delrin ball bearings for low friction performance.

Torlon ball bearing s can be found in the 1586 for higher load applications.

All the blocks feature a swivel shackle that can also be fixed for reducing natural twist in the line.

Beckets are removable for easy retrofitting of spliced lines.

ItemMax LineWork loadBreak LoadPart No
Single aluminium sheave14mm816kg2268kg1542
Single Becket14mm816kg2268kg1541
Single high load14mm1043kg2268kg1586

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