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Wichard Self-Locking Allen Head Pin D Shackle
Wichard Self-Locking Allen Head Pin D Shackle
Wichard Allen Head D Pin Shackle

Wichard Manufacturing Excellence

Designed and Produced in France

Hot dropped forged from a single piece

Marine grade 316L stainless 

Snag free flush pin head

Patented Self-locking mechanism prevents the pin from vibrating loose 


More Information

Wichard has designed and patented a clever self-locking mechanism for shackle pins.

When you screw in the pin, the head goes in further than normal.

There are specially engineered indentations every quarter turn that effectively locks the pin in place

Wichard Self-Locking Allen Head Pin D Shackle Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Wichard Quality Control to EU Lifting Standard
  • Wichard stamped for provenance and reassurance
  • One-piece forging process
  • A316L marine grade stainless
  • Flush Allen Pin head with no protruding twist lug
  • Snag-free design  
  • High load bearing
  • Patented self-locking mechanism
Wichard Dimensions and Specifications:
Wichard Pin Ø L A B D Industrial WLL = 5:1 Marine WL BL Weight
WD-1303 6mm 34mm 19mm 12mm 12mm 320kg 600kg 1600kg 22g
WD-1304 8mm 46mm 26mm 16mm 16mm 540kg 960kg 2700kg 53g
WD-1305 10mm 57mm 33mm 20mm 19mm 860kg 1440kg 4300kg 99g
WD-1306 12mm 73mm 39mm 24mm 24mm 1200kg 2080kg 6000kg 187g

Wichard Working Load (WL) = Static load at which the product will still function without excessive friction or wear or permanent deformation of components.

Wichard Breaking Load (BL) = Static load at which a major failure of one or more structural components or complete destruction of the product.

Jimmy Green Wichard Working Load Limit (WLL) Advisory

Wichard stamp the Working Load Limit (WLL) on the shackle for industrial applications only.

The Industrial Working Load Limit is one fifth of the Break Load i.e. WLL = BL divided by 5

  • Shackle Type - Socket Pin
  • Shackle Type - D Shackle
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