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Harken Shackle

Harken Shackle

Harken ball bearing traveler cars with multipart purchases

Allow easy adjustment of loaded sails from the cockpit.

Whether racing or cruising, these smooth-rolling systems pay huge dividends in sail control and are safer and faster than playing the sheet.


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27mm Midrange CB traveler cars are built to handle high loads on boats from 8 m to 10 m (27' to 34').

32mm Big Boat CB traveler cars handle high loads on boats from 9.5 m to 15 m (32' to 50') and up to 21 m (70') with coupled cars.

CB wire retaining clips and composite corner keepers keep ball bearings captive when car is off the track.

Available in Standard or High-load.

Max Working Load Breaking Load
27mm Standard Cars 816kg 2268kg
27mm High-load Cars 1043kg 2268kg
32mm Standard Cars 1361kg 3175kg
32mm High-load Cars 2041kg 4081kg

The 2 Stand-up toggle car is an exception to this:

  • 27mm High-load Max working load=1633kg, Breaking load=3266kg