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petersen hi mod stud
petersen hi mod stud
petersen hi mod stud

Split pin hole to suit open body turnbuckle

UNF Thread

DIY swageless hand tool operation

Superior HI-Mod Compression design

Select the correct wire option:

Standard 1x19 or Compact Strand 1x7

Check the chart for dimensions


More Information

Petersen Hi-Mod Swageless Compression Terminal - Imperial Stud

Petersen Hi-Mod terminals are designed for easy assembly by using an exclusive ‘twist-click’ system.

This method is extremely beneficial on large diameter or Compact Strand wire where the strands are stiff and difficult to bend.

Hi-Mod twist and click assembly:

  • Hold the end fitting against the crown ring
  • Twist the body in the same direction as the lay of the wire while applying upward pressure.
  • The outer wire strands will click into position on the crown
  • If necessary, use a small screwdriver to reposition any strands that have inadvertently crossed

Petersen have producd a very informative video illustrating the twist and click method and how to fit their Hi-Mod terminals to wire successfully:


Petersen Hi-Mod Stud Terminal Diagram

3mm 1/4'' Stud 47mm 68mm 6mm 9.5mm 24g
4mm 1/4'' Stud 47mm 68mm 8mm 11mm 35g
4mm 5/16'' Stud 54mm 77mm 8mm 11mm 42g
4mm 3/8" Stud 68mm 87mm 8mm 11mm 58g
5mm 5/16'' Stud 54mm 82mm 9mm 14mm 65g
5mm 3/8'' Stud 68mm 91mm 9mm 14mm 75g
5mm 7/16" Stud 75mm 97mm 9mm  14mm 85g
6mm 3/8'' Stud 68mm 97mm 11mm 17mm 110g
6mm 7/16'' Stud 75mm 101mm 11mm 17mm 130g
6mm 1/2" Stud 90mm 119mm 11mm 17mm 145g
7mm 1/2'' Stud 90mm 121mm 14mm 20mm 199g
8mm 1/2'' Stud 90mm 129mm 16mm 22mm 297g
8mm 5/8'' Stud 100mm 137mm 16mm 22mm 347g
10mm 5/8'' Stud 100mm 143mm 17mm 26mm 458g
10mm 3/4" Stud 120mm 163mm 19mm 26mm 760g
11mm 3/4" Stud 120mm 163 mm 19mm 26mm 790g
12mm 3/4" Stud 120mm 173 mm 22mm 32mm 892g
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