Holt Plain Bearing Block

Entry level block range

Suitable for use with mainsheet's, vang's and halyard leads on smaller dinghies.

£ 17.30 inc VAT

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These holt blocks features a high tensile carbon composite bodies which are both strong and lightweight.

The Plain bearing system has a locking tri-rivet head which maintains sheave rotation under higher loads.

TypeBreak LoadSafe LoadMax Line DiaWeightPart No
45mm Single - Swivel800kg250kg10mm70gHT95310
45mm Single - Swivel - Becket800kg300kg10mm82gHT95311
45mm Fiddle - Swivel - Cam300kg200kg6mm187gHT95302
30mm Twin - Thru-Deck900kg120kg10mm54gHT92429

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