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Seago Boat Cover
Seago Boat Cover
Seago Boat Cover

Protective cover for inflatables

UV-resistant lining


Lightweight with pull cord trim for a tight fit around your inflatable

Select by inflatable length


More Information

Seago UV-resistant boat cover

An essential accessory for any Seago Tender. 

Seago UV-resistant boat covers protect inflatable tenders from the elements and sun damage, extending the life of your tender.

UV rays and heat from the sun are the main contributors to reducing the life of any inflatable.

The UV-resistant cover fabric is lined with an ultraviolet protective layer. 

Finished with a pull cord trim and polyester straps for a secure, snug, semi-tailored fit over your tender.

Available in three sizes:

  • 2.3m – 2.4m
  • 2.6m – 2.8m
  • 2.9m – 3.2m