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Lewmar Grease

Lewmar Grease

Waterproof Gear Grease

Special Formula

Recommended for winch servicing

Suitable for multiple onboard applications

Small = 100g tube
Large = 300g tub

N.B. Restricted courier options apply


More Information

Lewmar recommend their own waterproof gear grease for servicing winches and many other onboard applications.

Lewmar Grease is a special formula calcium sulphonate grease developed for winch maintenance and other marine applications.

Lewmar Grease is available in a handy 100 gram tube or a long-serving, multi-tasking 300 gram tub.

Small size = 100g tube = L19701000
Large size = 300g tub = L19701100

Lewmar Advisory:
Consult your winch servicing instructions - do not apply to parts where only high performance lubricating oil is suitable.