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 Lalizas Lifebuoy Light
 Lalizas Lifebuoy Light

Manufactured according to the Life Saving Appliances Code.

Fixed standard light

Requires 4 x D Batteries

Store upside down, turns on when floating upright


More Information

The Lalizas floating lifebuoy light is capable of burning continuously with a luminous intensity of not less than 2cd in all directions of the upper hemisphere for a period of at least 2 hours (at white color).

This light is CE approved to SOLAS (L.S.A Code) by Bureau Veritas making it ideal for use with all manoverboard lifebuoys.

Length 35.5cm; Weight 293 grams; Diameter 9.5cm; Volume 3192 cubic cm

The Lalizas Lifebuoy light features a very small housing for the bulb which minimises condensation

Fits snugly into the Jimmy Green Marine Lifebuoy Holder

Jimmy Green stainless steel lifebuoy holder
Lalizas Floating Lifebuoy Light Clip
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Lalizas Floating Lifebuoy Light Holder
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D Duracell Batteries
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