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Crewsaver Automatic Rearming Kits
Crewsaver Automatic Rearming Kits

For all current Crewsaver models

Please obtain a shipping quote for export - maximum 120 grams CO2 per parcel

N.B. Restricted courier options apply


More Information

Crewsaver Lifejacket Rearming Kits are available for all current Crewsaver models:

  • For models with serial numbers starting 'L' or '0-9' or 'R'
  • Supplied with fitting instructions
  • Fit Crewsaver Standard Automatic Lifejackets
  • Available capsule only or with CO2 cylinder

Please contact us with the lifejacket details if you have an old Crewsaver model - we can advise if the rearming kit is still available.

Bladder Cylinder Crewsaver Reference
Black Capsule- Serial starting with 'L' 150N/165N 33g 11036
Black Capsule - Serial starting with 'L' 180N/190N 38g 10007
Serial starting with 'R' or '0-9' 150N 33g 10019
Blue Capsule only - Serial starting with 'R' or '0-9' n/a n/a 10061
Black Capsule only - Serial starting with 'L' n/a n/a 10062

Lifejacket manufacturers recommend that you service your lifejacket every year and this includes updating the automatic mechanism.

N.B. Failing to keep your lifejacket serviced annually may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.