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170N Re-arm kit
170N Re-arm kit

Rearming kits and CO2 cylinders for Spinlock Lifejackets.

See table below to check compatibiity with Spinlock Lifejacket model.


More Information

Hammer re-arm kit contains: CO2 cylinder, activation head and manual handle.

Lifejacket Model Part number
150N/170N Hammer Re-arm kit VITO DW-RAH/150
170N Re-arm kit 33g 5D 170N, LITE & LITE+ DW-RAK
33g Cylinder only 5D 170N, LITE & LITE+ DW-CYD33
UML Re-arm kit 275N 5D 275N DW-RAK 275
60g Cylinder only 5D 275N DW-CYD60
Cento Re-arm kit CENTO DW-RAK/100