LIROS 12mm Handy Elastic Mooring Warps


LIROS 12mm Handy Elastic spliced to order. Suitable for boats up to 10m length overall or 2 tonnes displacement (LIROS guide). Instant quote available.

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LIROS 12mm Handy Elastic is suitable for boats up to 10 metres length overall and 2 tonnes displacement (LIROS guide)

LIROS Handy Elastic Article 00136 - Special 1:1 Plait cover and braided core, 100% Nylon (Polyamide)

LIROS Handy Elastic is the top performer in LIROS tests:
  • Manufactured from 100% high stretch nylon.
  • Retains flexibility throughout working life.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Extremely abrasion resistant.
  • Balanced braiding, non kinking
  • Eminently throwable
  • >20% working load stretch provides the ultimate shock absorption.
  • Suitable for tow lines, mooring and anchoring

Distinctive colour = navy with yellow markers

LIROS Break Load: 12mm 3900kg ~ 14mm 4800kg ~ 16mm ~ 6000kg ~ 18mm 8500kg - 20mm 9900kg ~ 24mm 12000kg

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