100 Metre Reel Deal - LIROS Racer Dyneema

100 metre Reel Deal - LIROS Racer

Liros Racer Dyneema - designed for the high loads on racing halyards, sheets and control lines

The proven, uncompromising choice for demanding Regatta Sailing

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Liros Racer Dyneema (article 02001) - 50 metre Hank Deal

Regatta Racing Performance - hard wearing, very low stretch, high load capacity line engineered for competitive racing in exacting conditions 
Cover: specially engineered 32plait (6mm, 8mm 24plait) spin-dyed high tenacity polyester
Core: Braided Dyneema SK78 core, LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System, LIROS Coating System with a very thin extra traction layer - 

N.B. Jimmy Green normally supply LIROS Racer as a plain full colour with no LIROS marker yarnLIROS Dynamic Plus Article 02004 Cruising Dyneema SK78

Diameters and Colours:
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm - Full Colour (no LIROS tracer yarn) Black, Blue, Red and Silver
14mm - Full Colour (no LIROS tracer yarn) Blue

LIROS Racer Plus Factors:
Very low stretch < 1.5% at working load
High load capacity
Excellent smooth handling
Non kinking, balanced braiding
Excellent holding power in cleats and clutches
Good Grip around winches
Solid shape retention around winches - firm, compact braid construction doesn't flatten
Runs freely through blocks and sheaves
Spliceable - advanced core dependent splice
LIROS Coating System

LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System - unique LIROS pre-stretching process, calibrated under exacting temperature and tension conditions, designed to minimise stretch and enhance performance

LIROS Coating System -  polyurethane impregnation process improves resistance to abrasion and protects against UV damage by up to 50%.

N.B. The inner traction layer is not load bearing and a certain amount is removed as part of the core dependent splice

The LIROS manufacturing process produces a balanced braid on braid construction with consistency second to none
LIROS Manufacturing: meticulous attention to exacting standards ~ decades of experience ~ modern factory with state of the art, computer programmed twisting and braiding machinery

The Polyester cover can be permanently removed to produce a cover stripped Dyneema core only loop splice.
Snapshackles can then be retrofitted/changed over, attached using a simple a cow hitch - pass the loop through the eye of the shackle, over the top and back down to the rope end

Diameter LBLMax SAWLS
6mm2500kg20sqm< 1.5%
8mm3800kg30sqm< 1.5%
10mm5000kg50sqm< 1.5%
12mm7200kg70sqm< 1.5%
14mm9500kg90sqm< 1.5%
16mm12600kg100sqm< 1.5%
LBL = LIROS Break Load
MAX SA = LIROS maximum recommended Sail Area in square metres
WLS = LIROS stretch at working load
< = less than

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