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100 Metre Reel Deal - Liros Top Grip
100 Metre Reel Deal - Liros Top Grip - Red

Minimum rate per metre

Ideal cruising sheet

Unique comfortable, but firm grip

Wound on a plastic LIROS reel


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100 metre Reels represent our optimum rate per metre, measured, cut to length and re-wound from bigger reels/bulk boxes in house by Team Jimmy Green

LIROS TopGrip can be supplied on 100m reels on all sizes from 8mm to 14mm

LIROS Top Grip (Art 01540) is a perfect cruising sheet rope.

The braid on braid polyester construction provides high abrasion and UV resistance.

The 1:1 plaited cover has been specially formulated with additional 'matt' fibres that are proud of the surface.

This addition creates a soft feel for excellent handling and superior grip in winches for easy use.

LIROS Top Grip is available in white with a red, black or blue coding.

LIROS TopGrip Article 01540 is a new generation rope specifically designed and constructed for comfortable cruising on yachts up to approximately 15 metres length overall.

TopGrip is an ireplacement for matt plait sheets.

State of the Art LIROS manufacturing prowess together with the strictest quality control imaginable produces a balanced braid on braid construction with consistency second to none.

LIROS TopGrip is extremely durable with a solid round construction that is non-kinking and doesn't flatten under load.

LIROS top quality polyester yarn and specially engineered polyester grip fibre ensure maximum natural UV resilience.

LIROS have integrated specially formulated grip fibres into the outer braid which are very slightly proud of the normal 1:1 plait profile resulting in excellent abrasion resistance.

The blend of matt finish, spun yarn polyester and marginally raised polyester grip fibre creates an exceptional soft-feel handling experience and a superior grip on winches which effectively promotes controlled and efficient sail handling.

LIROS Top Grip is available in a predominant white with a blended coding of red, black or blue in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm diameter.

LIROS Top Grip Article 01540 Rope Construction:

  • Cover (also known as the outer braid, sheath or jacket) = 1:1 plaited polyester grip fibre and high-tenacity, spun-dyed polyester
  • Core (also known as the inner braid) = high tenacity, maximum tensile strength, plaited polyester

LIROS TopGrip Plus Factors:

  • Exceptional Grip
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Comfortable handling
  • Non kinking, balanced construction
  • LIROS top quality consistency - core and cover in synchronised tension
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent control and wear resistance around winches
  • Solid round construction that doesn't flatten under load
  • UV stable and naturally resilient to damage from exposure to the sun
  • Spliceable
  • Stretch at working load < 5%
Diameter LBL Max SA WLS
8mm 1350kg 20sqm < 5%
10mm 2200kg 30sqm < 5%
12mm 3000kg 40sqm < 5%
14mm 4200kg 70sqm < 5%

LBL = LIROS Break Load
Max SA = LIROS recommended Maximum Sail Area
WLS = LIROS Working Load Stretch i.e. stretch at working load
< = less than

  • Purchase Type - 100 metre Reel
  • Colour - Red Blend
  • Colour - Black Blend
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