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Barton Low Friction Rings

Barton Low Friction Rings
Barton Low Friction Rings
Barton Low Friction Rings

Barton Low Friction Rings (High Load Eyes)

Manufactured in marine grade aluminium

Finished in Barton's unique hard spectro grey anodising

Select by Internal Diameter:

Internal ØMaximum Line Ø
6mm 3mm
9mm 4mm
12mm 6mm
16mm 10mm
22mm 12mm
28mm 16mm


More Information

Barton Low Friction Rings also known as High Load Eyes are available in 6 sizes.

BartonInternal Hole ØMaximum Rope ØSWLWeightExternal Ø
60 449 6mm 3mm 300kg 0.8g 12mm
60 450 9mm 4mm 550kg 3g 18mm
60 451 12mm 6mm 800kg 5g 26mm
60 452 16mm 10mm 1800kg 24g 38mm
60 453 22mm 12mm 3300kg 52g 52mm
60 454 28mm 16mm 4500kg 104g 65mm

N.B. External Ø is actually the outside width dimension across the ring

Internal Hole Ø = the internal diameter of the ring

Maximum Rope Ø = the maximum diameter line that Barton recommend to use through the ring

SWL = Barton Safe Working Load

Friction Ring Dimensions

The outside line diameter will accept an attachment line (of suitable quality) larger than necessary to fulfil any running rigging application.

Barton lightweight high load eyes are suitable for a variety of uses on board:

  • Lazy Jacks
  • Barber haulers
  • Backstay cascades
  • Mast base tidies
  • Stanchion lead eyes
  • Emergency blocks
  • Toe rail blocks
  • In fact anywhere that a line needs re-routing under static load

The smallest size can be attached using a 3mm line with a bullseye diameter of 6mm.
The largest size can be attached using a 16mm line with a bullseye diameter of 28mm.

Barton High Load Eyes are ideal for combining with a Dyneema loop making a fast, efficient, simple and extremely strong solution to changing the direction of any line.

Hard Spectro anodised aluminium is very light, has extremely good wear resistance and very low friction.