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12mm Ring with Brumel Splice Loop

This is the Jimmy Green Mark 2 Version

V2 = an endless Dyneema loop spliced around a Low Friction Ring with a Brummel Lock

Produced to order in-house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

The loop facilitates easy cow hitch attachment

Select your size by the internal diameter of the ring:

Internal Ø Barton Recommended Maximum Rope Ø
6mm 3mm
9mm 4mm
12mm 6mm
16mm 10mm
22mm 12mm
28mm 16mm

Barton Maximum Rope Ø = the maximum diameter line that Barton recommends using through the ring


More Information

The Mark 2 Version - Jimmy Green/Barton Low Friction Ring with Dyneema Loop 

The V2 variation is produced from Liros D-Pro 100% pure Dyneema® SK78 rope and a Barton Low Friction Ring.

However, the V2 features a Brummel lock splice to fix the Dyneema loop around the Low Friction Ring, creating a tight fit and a secure attachment.

The important difference from the Mark 1 version is that the Brummel splice method doubles the content of Dyneema in the loop section, and therefore doubles the diameter.

This makes the loop very strong and robust, but the extra diameter should be taken into consideration for your application.

The Brummel Lock Splice also makes the attachment to the ring more secure than stitch and whip seizing.

Jimmy Green low friction rings with Dyneema loop are Brummel spliced in-house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

The Dyneema loops are produced to order, and therefore subject to splicing order lead times.

There are six sizes of Low Friction Ring, each with a Jimmy Green designated Dyneema diameter and loop length.

If you wish to specify a different diameter or loop length, please contact us via email and we can quote accordingly.

Barton lightweight high-load eyes are suitable for a variety of uses on board:

  • Lazy Jacks
  • Barber haulers
  • Backstay cascades
  • Mast base tidies
  • Stanchion lead eyes
  • Emergency blocks
  • Toe rail blocks
  • In fact, anywhere that a line needs re-routing under static load
Jimmy Green Low Friction Rings with Brummel Locking Splice Dyneema Loop - Specifications



Internal Loop Length

Max diameter pole D-Pro Ø used to form loop Internal Hole Ø Barton Maximum Rope Ø External Ø Approximate Loop Thickness
JGM04189-B60451 165mm 120mm 30mm 4mm 12mm 6mm 26mm 10mm
JGM04190-B60452 245mm 180mm 40mm 5mm 16mm 10mm 38mm 12mm
JGM04191-B60453 280mm 210mm 50mm 6mm 22mm 12mm 52mm 13mm
JGM04192-B60454 400mm 300mm 60mm 8mm 28mm 16mm 65mm 17mm

Length = approximate inside length overall when stretched out straight

Internal Hole Ø = the internal diameter of the ring

Barton Maximum Rope Ø = the maximum diameter line that Barton recommends using through the ring

SWL = Barton Safe Working Load

Approximate Loop Thickness = the approximate finished diameter formed from the double braided section.

N.B. External Ø is the outside width dimension across the ring