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Plastimo Iris 50 blue P63870

Plastimo Iris 50 blue P63870

Excellent damping for accurate reading



Photoluminescent = no batteries

Yellow or Blue

Neck cord included

Limited stock currently available.


More Information

Compass with neck cord

Pastimo Iris 50 handbearing compass, lightweight and durable with good damping effect

Available in yellow or blue

  • Good protection against hard knocks.
  • Outstanding legibility provided with one degree graduations.
  • Course reading from above as well as as through the prism
  • No parallax error.
  • 20 degree field view provides optimum conditions to take bearings even in rough seas
  • The hard stone and pivot ensure a long life and added shock resistance.
  • Ultra sonic welded 'soft bottom' cell prevents leaks and air bubbles from forming.
  • Built in photoluminescent lighting operates without batteries.

Please note that in order for the photoluminescent lighting to work, the item has to be exposed to sunlight or UV previously so that it can absorb UV.

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