Holt Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

Marine Pre-packs

AISI 316 Grade A4 stainless steel

includes nuts and washers

Metric thread M3 - M12

Available in:

Pozi Countersunk Head
Pozi Pan Head
Hex Head

£ 2.30 inc VAT

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Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

Pre-packed stainless steel 316, Pozi Countersunk Head, Pozi Pan Head and Hex Head bolts complete with nuts and washers, Metric thread M3 - M12.

All the bolts are fully threaded.

ReferenceDiameterHeadLengthQuantity in Pack
F801M3Pozi Countersunk12mm4 in pack
F804M4Pozi Countersunk12mm4 in pack
F809M5Pozi Countersunk12mm4 in pack
F841M3Pozi Pan Head12mm4 in pack
F844M4Pozi Pan Head12mm4 in pack
F849M5Pozi Pan Head12mm4 in pack
F802M3Pozi Countersunk16mm4 in pack
F810M5Pozi Countersunk16mm4 in pack
F842M3Pozi Pan Head16mm4 in pack
F850M5Pozi Pan Head16mm4 in pack
F803M3Pozi Countersunk25mm4 in pack
F806M4Pozi Countersunk25mm4 in pack
F812M5Pozi Countersunk25mm4 in pack
F822M6Pozi Countersunk25mm4 in pack
F829M8Pozi Countersunk25mm2 in pack
F843M3Pozi Pan Head25mm2 in pack
F846M4Pozi Pan Head25mm4 in pack
F851M5Pozi Pan Head25mm4 in pack
F861M6Pozi Pan Head25mm4 in pack
F868M8Pozi Pan Head25mm2 in pack
F108M4Hexhead25mm2 in pack
F110M5Hexhead25mm2 in pack
F111M6Hexhead25mm2 in pack
F117M8Hexhead25mm2 in pack
F813M5Pozi Countersunk30mm4 in pack
F823M6Pozi Countersunk30mm4 in pack
F852M5Pozi Pan Head30mm4 in pack
F862M6Pozi Pan Head30mm4 in pack
F814M5Pozi Countersunk35mm4 in pack
F830M8Pozi Countersunk35mm2 in pack
F853M5Pozi Pan Head35mm4 in pack
F869M8Pozi Pan Head35mm2 in pack
F112M6Hexhead35mm2 in pack
F118M8Hexhead35mm1 in pack
F807M4Pozi Countersunk40mm4 in pack
F815M5Pozi Countersunk40mm4 in pack
F824M6Pozi Countersunk40mm2 in pack
F847M4Pozi Pan Head40mm4 in pack
F863M6Pozi Pan Head40mm2 in pack
F808M4Pozi Countersunk50mm4 in pack
F825M6Pozi Countersunk50mm2 in pack
F832M8Pozi Countersunk50mm2 in pack
F834M10Pozi Countersunk50mm2 in pack
F848M4Pozi Pan Head50mm4 in pack
F856M5Pozi Pan Head50mm4 in pack
F864M6Pozi Pan Head50mm2 in pack
F870M8Pozi Pan Head50mm2 in pack
F113M6Hexhead50mm1 in pack
F119M8Hexhead50mm1 in pack
F124M10Hexhead50mm1 in pack
F866M6Pozi Pan Head75mm2 in pack
F115M6Hexhead75mm1 in pack
F121M8Hexhead75mm1 in pack
F126M10Hexhead75mm1 in pack
F128M12Hexhead75mm1 in pack
F867M6Pozi Pan Head100mm1 in pack
F116M6Hexhead100mm1 in pack
F122M8Hexhead100mm1 in pack
F127M10Hexhead100mm1 in pack
F129M12Hexhead100mm1 in pack
F130M12Hexhead120mm1 in pack

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