Marlow 10mm Blue Ocean® Doublebraid - Sheets, Halyards, Control Lines


Suitable for most running rigging applications on cruising yachts e.g sheets, halyards, control lines, guys, reef lines, tack lines, vangs, down/outhauls, furling lines, runner tails and preventers. Select from the drop down boxes to build a line to your specifications Custom Build Instructions

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Marlow Blue Ocean® Doublebraid is the latest addition to their eco-conscious, sustainable Blue Ocean® product range.
The Blue Ocean® range is manufactured from 100% recycled rPET polyester sourced entirely from waste plastic bottles.

Blue Ocean® Doublebraid Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

Suitable for all running rigging applications on cruising yachts for eco-conscious skippers and owners, Blue Ocean Doublebraid can be used for e.g. guys, reefing lines, tack lines, vangs/kickers, down/outhauls, furling lines, runner tails, preventers as well as halyards or sheets.

 16 strand, braided high tenacity Blue Ocean® trademarked yarn 
Cover: 24 plait braided high tenacity Blue Ocean® trademarked yarn

  • Sustainable
  • Flexible and comfortable to handle 
  • Spliceable
  • Good tensile strength
  • Excellent general purpose line
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Low stretch
  • Available in 5 attractive marble effect blended colours: Blue, Black, Green, Grey, Red
Weight per 100m2.92kg5.2kg7.46kg9.94kg12.4kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

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