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D2 Club - New 2022 - 100mt Reels
D2 Club - New 2022 - Black
D2 Club - New 2022 - Black

Minimum rate per metre

Cover: 16 plait Polyester

Core: Dyneema SK75 blended with light weight Polypropylene

Low stretch cruising line

Cut to length in house

Wound on a Marlow reel


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Marlow 100 metre reels represent our optimum rate per metre.

Jimmy Green 100 metre Reels are measured from bigger reels or bulk boxes, cut to length and rewound onto a Marlow reel, all in house, by the the Jimmy Green Team.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team can finish the ends with e.g. a splice or whipping: THE JIMMY GREEN PROFESSIONAL RIGGING TEAM FINISH

Marlow D2 Club is designed as an affordable upgrade to Performance Cruising Sheets, Halyards and Control Lines, making it possible to replace 100% existing polyester lines without going to the expense of Dyneema SK78 in the core.

D2 Club Cruising Dyneema utilises a blend of high strength, low stretch Dyneema SK75 and light weight Polypropylene to produce a core which elevates the performance beyond the capability of 100% polyester.

Marlow estimate that the stretch characteristics will be approximately 2.5-3% compared with 4% for Marlowbraid and 2% for LIROS Dynamic Plus.

Marlow recommend maintaining the same diameter as the existing polyester halyards.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing shackles onto new halyards.

Marlow D2 Club Cruising Dyneema Specification:

Cover: 16 plait Polyester
Core: Coated 12 strand Dyneema SK75 blended with lightweight braided polypropylene fibre 

Dyneema SK75 is lighter and has far less stretch than polyester but does not quite match the enhanced performance of Dyneema SK78 or SK99.

Armourcoating protects the core and makes it easier to splice.

Marlow D2 Club Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Easily spliced
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good clutch and jammer performance
  • Good strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • Light weight
  • Reduced elongation
  • available in 4 vibrant new colours: Blue, Red, Green and Black.
Diameter 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm
MBL 2260kg 3820kg 4240kg 6370kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

  • Purchase Type - 100 metre Reel
  • Rope Fibre - Polyester/Dyneema
  • Rope Diameter - 8mm
  • Rope Diameter - 10mm
  • Rope Diameter - 12mm
  • Rope Diameter - 14mm
  • Colour - Black Code
  • Colour - Blue Code
  • Colour - Red Code
  • Colour - Green Code
LIROS Stowage Bag
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Jimmy Green Storage and Portage Bag - blue and natural
Jimmy Green Core Dependent Braid Splicing - Marlow D2 Club - Eye Splice

Marlow Rope Care

Marlow Rope Care Advisory Information

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Marlow D2 Club

Marlow D2 Club Data Sheet

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