50 metre Hank Deal - Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78

50 Metre Hank Deal - Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78

Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78 - 50 metre Hank Deal

N.B. normally supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than in a hank making it much easier to deploy.

LIROS Rope Stowage Bags are handy onboard.

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Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78 - extra discount on 50 metre Hanks

Cover: 24plait Blended 50/50 Technora/high tenacity Polyester

Core: Super prestretched and coated 12 strand braided Dyneema SK78

Marlow's upgraded version of D2 Racing and their ultimate standard production line for racing sheets, halyards and control lines.

Plus Factors:

  • Good handling characteristics in race conditions
  • Very good winch, clutch and jammer performance 
  • Very good wear and heat resistance
  • High Strength coupled with low elongation
  • Spliceable - advanced core dependent splice
  • Taperable
  • Runs freely through blocks and sheaves

Colours: Blue, Red, Grey and Lime.

The Technora/Polyester cover can be permanently removed to produce a cover stripped Dyneema core only loop splice.
Snapshackles can then be retrofitted/changed over (attached) using a simple a cow hitch - pass the loop through the eye of the shackle, over the top and back down to the rope end.

Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78 Datasheet

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