Max Power Electric Tunnel Thruster - CT80

For boats between 25 and 44 feet

12V model (24V option available on request)

185mm tunnel diameter

Twin 6 blade propellers

£ 1,149.00 inc VAT

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This composite, twin propeller, DC tunnel thruster is undeniably the best selling model in the Max Power electric tunnel thruster range.

The CT80 is perfectly suited to motor yachts and deep footed sailing yachts in the popular 25’-44’ size range.

With its 185mm tunnel diameter and thrust rating up to 65kg on the 12V model, or 80kg on the 24V model, this powerful yet economic thruster integrates all the unique features common to the range and is fitted as standard on a large variety of yachts.

Accessories compatible with the CT80 DUO COMPO 12V - 42532

  • MP FUSE 200A T1 - 35020
  • MP FUSE HOLDER T1 - 35017
  • MP 185mm thruster tube 1m - 42550
  • CABLE - PER MTR - MPOP3176

Dimensions (12V and 24V models): A- 210mm, B- 140mm, C- 275mm, D- 185mm, E- 6-7mm

Weight 15kg (12V model), 15.1kg (24V)

Power 4.79kw / 6.4hp (12V) and 5.28kw / 7.1hp (24V)


* Thrusters are designed to run at 10.75V on 12V units and 22V on 24V units. Higher voltages will result in higher thrust ratings, higher power consumption, and a reduced duty cycle.

* Performance data is given for a thruster installed at an immersion depth of one tunnel’s diameter, in a tunnel no longer than twice the tunnel’s diameter, and this within a variation of + / - 6%.

Longer tunnels will result in lower thrust ratings and higher power consumption.