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Max Power Fuses
Max Power Fuses

Genuine Max Power manufacture

Specific to the thruster model

Check the table below

to suit genuine Max Power T1 and T2 fuse holders


More Information

Genuine Max Power Fuses are suitable for both Max Power electric tunnel and retractable bow thrusters

Max Power offer a range of calibrated fuses specifically selected by model and tested to offer an increased level of protection over standard ANL fuses.

Max Power fuses match the requirements of each thruster system by taking the specific blow curve for each fuse into account.

Max Power Advisory:
Use only Max Power original fuses for a proper installation.
Max Power do not cover warranty issues for installations that do not contain genuine original parts.
i.e. using non-genuine parts may invalidate your warranty

Max Power Fuses
Max PowerDescriptionThruster ModelVoltageAmps
35017 Fuse holder CT35 / 45 / 60 / 80 / 125  12V | 24V 125 | 160 | 200A
35018 Fuse holder CT100 / 225 12V | 24V 315 | 250A
35019 Fuse CT60 12V 160A
35020 Fuse CT80  12V 200A
35021 Fuse CT35 / 45 / 60(24V) 12V 125A
35022 Fuse CT100 12V 315A
35027 Fuse CT225 24V 250A
Max Power Fuse Holder