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Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy Dark Orange
Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy Dark Orange
Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy Dark Orange
Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy with Lanyard
Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy with Mooring Strop
Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoy - lanyard attached to strop detail

Anchor Marine

Permanent mooring marker

Easy-grab handle on top

Available in two sizes

With or without spliced lanyard


More Information

Anchor Marine Pick Up Buoys are available in two sizes, with or without a lanyard spliced onto the rope eye by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

The lanyard is for attaching to your mooring strop loop.

Deploy on the end of your mooring strop to facilitate easy location and pick up at your mooring.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small - Diameter 20cm, length 28cm, buoyancy 3.5kg
Large - Diameter 30cm, length 41cm, buoyancy 11.5kg

Pick Up Buoy Features:

  • Moulded PVC grab handle for convenient, safe retrieval
  • Thimbled eye assures strong attachment
  • Strong reliable design
  • Bright and highly visible
  • Manufactured from marine grade UV resistant PVC
  • supplied inflated

Jimmy Green Buoy Lanyard Specification:

LIROS 8mm 3 Strand White Polyester
One end spliced on to the eye of the pick-up buoy
A long lanyard loop spliced into the other end to facilitate a cow hitch attachment to the mooring strop, see photographic illustration
1 metre finished length

Please Note
Lanyards are produced to order
Custom splicing lead times apply to orders with spliced lanyards

Cow Hitch Instructions:

  1. Pass the lanyard end through the mooring strop loop
  2. Pass the mooring buoy through the lanyard eye
  3. Tighten to make a secure cow hitch attachment
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