Pick-up Buoy

Anchor Marine 

Permanent mooring marker

Easy-grab handle on top

Available in two sizes

with or without spliced lanyard

Please note - the small pick up buoy is currently White

£ 19.00 inc VAT

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Deploy on the end of your mooring strop to facilitate easy location and pick up at your mooring.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small - Diameter 20cm, buoyancy 3.5kg
Large - Diameter 41cm, buoyancy 11.5kg


  • Moulded PVC grab handle for convenient, safe retrieval
  • Thimbled eye assures strong attachment
  • Strong reliable design
  • Bright and highly visible 
  • Manufactured from marine grade UV resistant PVC
  • supplied inflated

Lanyard Specification:

LIROS 8mm 3 Strand White Polyester
One end spliced on to the eye of the pick-up buoy
A long lanyard loop spliced into the other end to facilitate a cow hitch attachment to the mooring strop, see photographic illustration
1 metre finished length

Cow Hitch Instructions:

Pass the lanyard end through the mooring strop loop
Pass the mooring buoy through the lanyard eye
Tighten to make a secure cow hitch attachment

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