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Crewsaver Zip Boot

09 Aug 2018

Product Review

Iain reviews his new Crewsaver Zip Boots

I received a pair of the crewsaver zip boots as a gift for my birthday after my old pair had finally given up the ghost.

The first thing I noticed about them was that they were easy to put on and take off due to the side zip. The zip has a Velcro strap to prevent them unzipping which is a nice extra feature.

The soles of the boots are sturdy enough to make it comfortable walking across stones on the beach but are also flexible enough to provide grip in the variety of conditions that we sail in.

I’ve used them in hiking and trapeze dinghies and they worked well on both.

They are suitable for use all year round especially in the winter due to the 5mm neoprene construction.

The black and grey styling would suit a wide variety of sailors for both cruising and racing.

They are good value for money compared to other manufacturers.

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Author: Jimmy Green

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