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Top 5 Sail Control Ropes

25 Aug 2018

Jimmy Green Marine offer a huge range of ropes to cover a myriad of sail control applications. But which ones make our top 5. We consulted all the team to collate a list based on performance, personal preference and popularity. After much deliberation, we're delighted to offer you our top 5 sail control lines.

Number 5: LIROS Control XTR



This line was always going to make an appearance on this list. A real Rolls Royce of a rope. Without any doubt, this is the highest performing line stocked by Jimmy Green with a price tag to suit. Suitable for just about every running rigging application on board.

Seriously hard wearing owing to it's tightly woven 24-plait, polyester/Technora blended jacket. The heat stretched SK99 core provides exceptional strength and negligible stretch. The perfect choice if you're looking for increased safety margin on high load lines, extended working life or sail control that squeezes every bit of speed from the sail.

Not the most popular choice at the premium end of the price range, but a very satisfying sale when you know the customer is getting the best rope available. The riggers especially like to splice, taper and whip 8mm when they get the chance.

Number 4: Classic Marlowbraid

Classic Marlowbraid

Classic Marlowbraid

Marlowbraid is next on the list at 4. A firm favourite with the rig team. Easy to work with and swift to splice with it's 1:1 plaited jacket. This line has been popular on cruising yachts for generations. Available in a generous range of colourways from white with coded fleck to full colour including the classic look above.

Of all the 100% polyester lines, Marlowbraid offers the highest strength and lowest stretch per nominal diameter. This extra performance comes from the 3-strand core. The 1:1 plaited jacket is also slightly tighter than a 16 plait jacket, giving it better wear resistance in the popular 8-10mm range.

Number 3: LIROS Dynasoft


LIROS Dynasoft

Number 3 is a relatively new product to the Jimmy Green range. This line came into stock a little over 18 months ago and is growing in popularity. Team Jimmy Green Sailors Iain and Charlotte Horlock have recently installed the 8mm for jib and main sheets. For more information see their glowing product review.

Available in 5,6, 8 and 10mm, this line covers a really wide range of sheet loads. The 8-plait jacket provides the strength for the line as the core is made using a polypropylene braided packer. The blend of polyester and Dyneema in the cover give it a soft and responsive feel.

Number 2: Marlow Excel control

Marlow Excel Control

Marlow Excel Control

Runner-up is Marlow Excel Control. Generally only used in the dinghy market, this line is designed specifically for use on control lines such as the kicker, outhaul and downhaul. A favourite on the Jimmy Green RS800 and for many other dinghy sailors.

The jacket/core ratio is 50:50 on this line allowing it to be spliced into a continuous loop without any diameter change. The polypropylene core doesn't contribute to the overall strength of the line so can be removed without compromising on strength where it is spliced. Perfect for endless control systems on dinghies where any part of the line can end up in the load-bearing part of the system or in a cleat.

The line is equally at home in a standard system. The Technora/Polyester blended snakeskin outer is really tough and strong giving the line excellent longevity. The lack of a Dyneema core keeps the price point of this line down making it easily accessible for everyone. Available in a range of colours and 4 or 5mm.

Number 1: Dynamic plus red

LIROS Dynamic Plus

LIROS Dynamic Plus

Here it is, number 1! This line has gone down a storm since Jimmy Green Marine first introduced it 7 years ago. Many yacht sailors have benefitted from introducing Dyneema to their control lines. Dynamic Plus is by far and away the most economical way of doing it. Typically reduces working stretch from 5 to 2% due to its Dyneema core.

The riggers find it particularly easy to work with, the mid layer jacket is slightly thicker than found in full racing Dyneema lines. Don't be surprised by the change in diameter if you decide to get it spliced. All the Dyneema core will still be present. That's where the performance is.

We now offer this line in a special steel blue colour. This special colour is a full 30% more wear resistant than standard polyester. It is also the same price as the regular Dynamic plus. This really is our favourite line and what's more, it's an exclusive colourway to Jimmy Green.

Hope you enjoyed our top 5,

The Jimmy Green Team

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Author: Jimmy Green

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