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How to use the Jimmy Green Online Custom Build System

20 Apr 2023

The Jimmy Green Custom Build Website System makes getting a quote and ordering spliced and finished, ready-to-use ropes, chains, wires and webbing an absolute breeze.

Don’t know where to start?

If you don’t know where to begin, go to the menu and click on the orange Custom Build button at the top left of the home page: Jimmy Green Custom Build

First up, there is an illustration of different Custom Build opportunities.

This is followed by an illustration of a typical page with hints on how to get your instant quote.

Watch the short video to get the hang of the process.

Next, search by application. This is broadly divided into Mooring, Anchoring, Standing Rigging, Running Rigging and Safety Equipment.

Each of these categories has a photo to catch your eye with sub-categories listed underneath.

Click on the best option for your needs. 

The first category, at the top of the left-hand list, is Mooring Warps, so let’s use that as an example.

Tips on making your choices:

Don’t immediately skip down the page looking for a quick fix unless you know what you want, instead, follow the process. 

There is a host of useful information on EVERY category page, not just this page – you access it by clicking on the Read More Information icon Read More Information

Illustration showing where the read more button is.

Whenever a customer asks us a question, we don’t just answer it personally; we take the time to add a detailed explanation to the website so everyone can benefit. So, the next time we are asked, we can point to the information online.

In this case, we lay out the relative advantages and disadvantages of each rope with a pointer towards what they are best used for, with a guide to choosing the diameter as well.

When you have absorbed all the pros and cons of each option, you won’t be put off when you have the choice of eight different types of rope.

Filtering also helps to narrow down the options:

Category Filters

Use our Knowledge Centre

Our Knowledge Centre covers the most popular questions customers ask, especially those that require a comprehensive, impartial guide to making the right purchasing decision.

Access is via the main menu


However, there is a shortcut to the most important articles for each category. They appear when you hover over the menu category titles, e.g. Mooring.

The articles appear on the right-hand side of the drop-down menu:

Mooring mega menu

Jimmy Green Marine offers a wealth of options for every application – all from trusted manufacturers.

Digest all the information and choose a rope by clicking on the category button, e.g.

Category Options

This takes you through to the next page, where you can pick a diameter, e.g. 12mm:

Select the Diameter

Every size and type of rope, wire and webbing that you can custom-build has the distinctive orange button:

Custom Build Gold Button

Click on the product picture or the button to take you through to the final stage.

Now you are ready to Custom Build

The Custom Build Process

Follow each step in logical order.

Step 1 allows you to switch to a simple cut length. 

Cut Length Toogle

Each subsequent step is either optional or required.

You can leave an Optional Step unchanged:  

Optional Steps

Or you can make a selection.

Selecting an option from the drop-down menu generates a picture, a specification, and a price (the price appears at the bottom of the page), e.g.

Selection process

If the step is required, you won’t be able to add the rope to your basket until you have made an entry.

Required Custom Build step

Use the last step to add any Notes

Custom Product Name

You can give the rope a name, e.g. forward spring, and make any requests, e.g. a shorter or longer loop length

Summary of Custom Build

The total price and the pictorial specification update every time you alter a selection.

This means that you can play around with the specification and see how it affects the price.

That is why we say that it is so easy to get an instant online quote. 

Once you are happy with your Custom Build, you are ready to add it to your basket.

Your basket will produce a summary of the specification to carry forward as a record for your order.

Jimmy Green Advisory

Please review your order before completing the checkout process.

Every order generates a confirmation email.

It is worthwhile taking the time to double-check what you have ordered a final time because Custom Build products are made to order. Send us an email as soon as possible if you spot a problem. We can rectify any mistakes before the Rigging Team starts work on your order.  

The Benefits of our Jimmy Green Custom Build Concept

Our Custom Build process empowers you to order ropes, chains, wires and webbing, all professionally finished by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team, delivered to the destination of your choice, and ready for immediate deployment onboard.

Start your Custom Build

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