Petersen Rigging Screws Toggle and Blank

Petersen GT Turnbuckle Body with Toggle and Blank

Strap toggle one end
Blank the other end to accept UNF swage or compression stud
Available in sizes 3mm 1/4 to 10mm 5/8

£ 34.20 inc VAT

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Petersen Stainless rigging screws feature generously proportioned toggle straps which are designed to take the full wire breaking load on each side of the eye and pin. This avoids the issue of premature failure due to transient unbalanced loads.

This Petersen rigging screw design incorporates the Gracilis body - a unique design offering strength and integrity.

Traditionally, turnbuckle bodies are manufactured by forging a soft bronze to produce the desired shape.

This unique Gracilis design allows the bodies to be machined from high grade materials, and for the weight to be reduced by 20% with no adverse impact on strength. 

Petersen GTTBWirePin Dia.Thread
Toggle and Blank 3mm1/4"1/4"
Toggle and Blank 4mm5/16"5/16"
Toggle and Blank 5mm3/8"3/8"
Toggle and Blank 6mm7/16"7/16"
Toggle and Blank 7mm1/2"1/2"
Toggle and Blank 8mm9/16"1/2"
Toggle and Blank 10mm5/8"5/8"

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