Petersen Stainless Insulators - Compression and Eye

Swageless compression fitting for easy fit to wire and eye for terminating to fork or toggle fork.

2 insulators are required to create an insulated backstay.

£ 190.70 inc VAT

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The only fail safe rigging insulator for wire available on the market today, the Hi-MOD backstay insulator has an internal ball-socket in the main body.

The nut is insulated from the stainless steel body by a Tufnol™ spacer, preventing electrical transference to the insulator body or opposite terminal.

Should, for any reason, the Tufnol™ be compromised, the nut will bottom out against the stainless housing.

While the backstay will loosen, the insulating studs will remain attached to the insulator body, allowing the rig to be re-tensioned until a repair can be made.

Wire Size (mm)Pin Size (mm)Hole Size (mm)C-L (mm)E-L (mm)

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