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Backstay Insulators

Backstay Insulators are used to create an antenna for your VHF as an integral part of a yacht's standing rigging

Insulators from leading manufacturers, STA-LOK and Petersen are available to purchase for setting up an insulated backstay system.

Two insulators need to be inserted into the main 1x19 stainless steel wire section of the backstay to achieve insulation of a central section.

Typically, the lower insulator should be no higher than 2 metres from the deck. This ensures that the cable from the VHF can be attached to the insulated wire at a convenient height for inspection and maintenance.

The insulated wire section needs to be a minimum of 7 metres long but no longer than 15 metres.

Finally, the upper insulator needs to be a minimum of 1 metre from the masthead to keep it clear of all masthead fittings.

Therefore the final product will feature 3 wires and two insulators.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are on hand to help you design and purchase your insulated backstay components.

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