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Barton Rudder Pintle

Barton Rudder Pintle

Marine grade stainless steel

Durable black nylon

Select by width = gap between straps

Drilled for 5mm fixings

9.5mm diameter pintles


More Information

Barton Rudder Pintles are manufactured from tough, durable black nylon mouldings and marine grade stainless steel.

Available in 4 sizes to suit 19mm, 22mm, 35mm and 50mm thickness of rudder stock.

i.e. the sizing refers to the gap between the straps.

Diameter for all pintles = 9.5mm

All Pintles and Gudgeons have drilled holes for 5mm fixings.

There are 3 fastening points on the pintle and 2 on the gudgeon.

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Barton Rudder Gudgeon