Plastimo Iris 100 Handbearing Compass

Pastimo Iris 100 handbearing and steering compass. Lightweight and durable with good damping effect. Available with or without internal light

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The Plastimo Iris 100 handbearing and steering compass may be installed on any inclination or position

Designed for taking bearings and for a steering compass

Easily removable from the bracket

Available with or without internal light

- Soft rubber casing for protection.
- Conical card with horizontal and vertical reading.
- Gimballed magnetic set: the card remains perfectly horizontal whatever the angle of the compass.
-2 mobile lubber lines.
- Pivot and hard stone designed by Plastimo to maintain accuracy and durability.
- Floats.
- Weight: 295g
- Complies with ISO 613
- Mounting bracket included

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