Plastimo 609S Jib Reefing

Plastimo 609 Jib Reefing

For boats between 6 and 9 metres long

Max headsail area 25 square metres

Max forestay diameter 7mm

Available with Single or Double luff groove

£ 499.00 inc VAT

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The 609 is available with single luff groove (S series) or double luff groove (T Series). The S series is ideal for the cruiser who simply requires the furling facility for easy reefing. The T series is useful for the cruiser racer because the double groove allows for more efficient sail changes. If the drum is bypassed and halyard swivel disregarded, a second sail can be rigged before taking down the existing one.

The 609 comes with 2 furling drum attachment options. The chainplates version is for use without a turnbuckle and features 5 holes. The forestay is pinned with a bolt (supplied) to one of the upper holes on the chainplate. The lower end should be pinned to a toggle (not supplied) for connection to the deck. 

The turnbuckle version has 14 holes and is approximately twice the length. This attachment is for use with a rigging screw or to increase the drum height. The extra height keeps the rigging screw available for adjustment.

Both 609 models have a drum capacity of 13m x 6mm line. 
The T series has 1 base foil (2.05m) and 3 other foils (each 2.15m)
The S series has 1 base foil (1.5m) and 4 other foils (each 1.5m)

Chainplate version:
Distance from underside of drum to end of chainplate = 115mm
No of holes: 5
Hole Dia: 12.5mm

Turnbuckle version:
Distance from underside of drum to end of chainplate = 285mm
No of holes: 14
Hole Dia: 12.5mm

N.B. Furling Line and lead blocks not included.

Plastimo Jib Furling T Manual

- 406T, 609T, 811T Installation and User instructions

Download (1.8M)

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