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Barton Boomstrut

Barton Boomstrut
Barton Boomstrut fittings

Light weight, slim profile boom support

Obviates the need for a topping lift

Maintenance free

Excellent reliability record

Durable, stylish finish

6 sizes for yachts up to 12 metres


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Barton Boomstruts support the weight of the main boom rendering the topping lift redundant.

N.B. Depending on the specification of the line, an existing topping lift may serve as a spare halyard.

The Barton Boomstrut concept is based on a cleverly designed, patented flexing spring which is extremely responsive to changes in the load exerted by the vang purchase system and also applies a stablilising, constant upward pressure to the boom.
The patented flexible spring is manufactured from two coated GRP (fibreglass) rods.

Tightening the vang purchase system pulls the boom down and forces the rods into an upward curve.
Releasing the vang allows the rods to straighten which lifts and supports the boom.

The Boomstrut mounts independently inside the existing kicking strap tackle.

The Barton design engineers have taken great care to eliminate sharp edges, minimise moving parts and provide for simple installation and trouble-free long term use.

Barton Boomstrut Features:

  • Six sizes suitable for yachts up to 12 metres (40 feet) length overall
  • Extremely durable
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Spectro Grey Anodised Aluminium
  • Stylish, slim profile
  • Maintenance free
  • Proven design
  • Patented responsive, stabilising flexible spring 
  • Eliminates friction and sliding parts
  • Light weight
  • Less weight aloft
  • Less windage
  • Easy installation - no need to replace or move your existing hardware
  • Supplied with complete fitting instructions
  • To eliminate drilling, the mast bracket end can be slotted into the luff groove on the mast
  • Contoured boom bracket to match flat or round boom profiles
Barton Boat Length Pin to pin length Max rod reduction Max initial adjustment Force
44001 Dinghy 762mm 125mm 250mm 35kg
44010 6m 960mm 150mm 300mm 90kg
44020 6-7.5m 1070mm 150mm 300mm 140kg
44030 7.5-9m 1180mm 150mm 300mm 185kg
44035 9-10.5m 1320mm 150mm 400mm 230kg
44040 10.5-12m 1450mm 150mm 400mm 270kg

Pin to pin length = actual length of the boomstrut
Max rod reduction
= The maximum amount the boomstrut rods can be shortened in order to fit inside the vang area.
Max initial adjustment = The maximum amount of available pin-to-pin travel when flexed.
Force = The downward pressure that the boomstrut will support at the point of the boom fitting attchment.

Barton Boomstrut Fitting Instructions