Satchel Ladder - 5 rungs

5 rung nylon rope ladder in a compact guardrail stowage satchel. A release strap accessible from the water opens the velcro fastening and deploys the ladder.

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Satchel ladders are a convenient way to store your ladder on the rail. When you've been for a swim and forgotten to put down a ladder to climb back aboard, the easy release strap may save some embarrassment.

The satchel ladder features a 5-rung rope ladder manufactured from 12mm Liros Octoplait Nylon and 30mm diameter beech dowelling rungs, neatly tidied away in a velcro quick release satchel.

The top of the ladder has loops for attachment. 
The bottom of the ladder has a webbing loop for easy grabbing. 

Design and Construction:


One continuous length of top quality LIROS 12mm octoplait white nylon
Loops at the top of each rope tail to facilitate attachment to guardrail or guardwire
Starting rung (sixth rung) formed by the loop in centre of the rope
5 solid beech wooden rungs with specially machined grooves
The grooves are located firmly in the lay of the 8 strand octoplait construction rope by Team Jimmy Green
30cm approximate spacing between rungs
Webbing release strap attached to bottom loop


  • Bright yellow Astral Nylon stowage satchel
  • Folds over guardrail or guardwire
  • Velcro burst release system

Produced in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging and Sewing Team.

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