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Marine grade stainless

No electrolysis with other stainless components

Strong open jaw design

Excellent load bearing capacity

Smooth, abrasion resistant finish

Ideal for halyards, high load control lines, strops and warps


More Information

Stainless Steel Thimbles

Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Smooth, abrasion resistant finish
  • Tear drop open jaw design
  • Fittings with integral eyes (no removanle pin) can be attached prior to splicing
  • Compatible with stainless steel chain, shackles and snapshackles
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Ideal for for use with halyards due to their high performance under tension
  • Suitable for high load control line applications
  • Suitable for mooring and anchor warps attaching to stainless steel shackles
Thimble / Rope Size Groove Size Internal Diameter Internal Length Outside Width
8mm 10mm 21mm 32mm 12mm
10mm 12mm 27mm 40mm 15mm
12mm 14mm 30mm 46mm 18mm
14mm 16mm 35mm 50mm 19mm
16mm 20mm 38mm 57mm 23mm
18mm 22mm 42mm 65mm 25mm
20mm 24mm 45mm 74mm 27mm
24mm 30mm 50mm 85mm 34mm
28mm mm mm mm mm
32mm mm mm mm mm