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Splicing Accessories

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are always open to making suggestions on how yacht owners can finish and look after their own ropes.

Our riggers are happy to help you to select the correct splicing tools and accessories for the repair and maintenance tasks that you have in mind.

Our riggers can also advise you on splicing and whipping techniques if required.

Jimmy Green Splicing Accessories include:

  • Nylon, galvanised and stainless steel heart shape thimbles - suitable for rope diameter 4mm to 32mm
  • Whipping Twines from LIROS and Marlow
  • Splicing Fids and Tools for 3 strand and braided/plaited ropes - braids include 12 strand hollowbraid, braid on braid and braid on laid construction
  • Knives and Scissors
  • Hot Knives and Sealing Tools
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Splicing Guide by Marlow
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Selma Splicing Fids, 5 piece set
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Swedish Fids

Swedish Fid

Marlow White Whipping Twine size 8
Marlow Armourcoat
Jimmy Green Galvanised Thimble
Nylon Thimble 4mm - 24mm rope diameter
Hamma Closed End Stainless Steel Thimbles
self amalgamating tape, 19mm x 5 metres
WmSmith assorted Sailmaker Needles in a tube