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WmSmith Liverpool pattern No.5 adjustable sailmaker palm
WmSmith Liverpool pattern No.5 adjustable sailmaker palm

Ergonomic Design

Genuine Wm Smith and Son manufacture

Adjustable, with overhand buckle

British, top quality, comfortable leather

Liverpool pattern Number 5, half lined

Reinforced, indented push-pad

Essential for tough stitching and whipping


More Information

Top Quality Adjustable Leather Sailmaker Sewing Palm, manufactured in the UK by Wm Smith and Son, Liverpool pattern No. 5, half lined, leather, buckle adjustment

Essential tool for pushing needles through tough ropes, achieving tight whippings or undertaking sail repair

Increased control reduces the risk of injury

Liverpool pattern in tough but soft comfortable leather with reinforced needle pushing pad

The reinforced needle pushing pad is designed with small indents to prevent the needle head slipping under pressure

Each palm has an adjustable wrist strap with a buckle

Available for left handed or right handed application

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