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Speedy Stitcher Awl Needles
Speedy Stitcher Awl Needle - Small Straight

Produced by Stewart Manufacturing USA

For onboard sail and canvas repairs

Custom-made diamond point needles

Sold individually


More Information

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Needles

Custom-made diamond point needles produced by Stewart Manufacturing USA for use with the Speedy Stitch Sewing Awl

Small Straight Needle, #130

#4 small straight stainless steel needle - use with Speedy Stitcher fine thread - the smallest needle available for the Speedy Stitcher - recommended for projects with tight spaces or requiring a more delicate needle

Large Straight Needle, #130A

#8 straight diamond-point stainless steel needle - use with Speedy Stitcher coarse thread - ideal for the majority of projects

Large Curved Needle, #130B

#8 curved diamond-point stainless steel needle - use with Speedy Stitcher coarse thread - ideal for projects in tight spaces or corners

WmSmith Liverpool pattern No.5 adjustable sailmaker palm

Sailmaker Palm

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl large curved needle
Speedy Stitcher Thread
Speedy Stitcher Bobbin
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