Holt Stainless Steel Pozi Head Screws

Pre-packed stainless steel 316 Self Tapping Screws

Available in Pozi Countersunk Head and Pozi Pan Head 

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Pre-packed stainless steel 316 Self Tapping Screws

Available in Pozi Countersunk Head and Pozi Pan Head

LengthGaugeFixingReferenceNumber in Pack
9.5mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF30215 in pack
9.5mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF33215 in pack
13mm4 (2.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF33115 in pack
13mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF30315 in pack
13mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31010 in pack
13mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34010 in pack
13mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi CountersunkF31710 in pack
13mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34710 in pack
16mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF30415 in pack
16mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31110 in pack
16mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34110 in pack
19mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF33510 in pack
19mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31210 in pack
19mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34210 in pack
19mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi CountersunkF31810 in pack
19mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34810 in pack
19mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF3235 in pack
25mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF30610 in pack
25mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF33610 in pack
25mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31310 in pack
25mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34310 in pack
25mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi CountersunkF3195 in pack
25mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3495 in pack
25mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF3245 in pack
32mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF30710 in pack
32mm6 (3.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF33710 in pack
32mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31410 in pack
32mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34410 in pack
32mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi CountersunkF3205 in pack
32mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3505 in pack
32mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3535 in pack
38mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi CountersunkF31510 in pack
38mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34510 in pack
38mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi CountersunkF3215 in pack
38mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3515 in pack
38mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF3265 in pack
38mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3545 in pack
50mm8 (4.2mm)Pozi Pan HeadF34610 in pack
50mm10 (4.8mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3525 in pack
50mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi CountersunkF3275 in pack
50mm12 (5.5mm)Pozi Pan HeadF3555 in pack

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