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Holt Stainless Steel Nuts
Stainless steel NYLOC hexagon nut


A4 stainless steel

Standard hexagon
Nyloc locking thread option

Metric thread M3 - M12


More Information

Pre-packed stainless steel A4, standard hexagon and nyloc nuts, Metric thread M3 - M12

Use Nyloc to ensure that the nut doesn't loosen for any reason.

Nut Type Diameter Number in Pack Reference
Nyloc Nut M3 2 in pack F140
Nyloc Nut M4 2 in pack F141
Nyloc Nut M5 2 in pack F142
Nyloc Nut M6 2 in pack F143
Nyloc Nut M8 2 in pack F144
Nyloc Nut M10 2 in pack F145
Nyloc Nut M12 2 in pack F146
Standard Hexagon Nut M4 10 in pack F133
Standard Hexagon Nut M5 10 in pack F134
Standard Hexagon Nut M6 5 in pack F135
Standard Hexagon Nut M8 5 in pack F136
Standard Hexagon Nut M10 4 in pack F137
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