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Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts
Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts

Marine Quality

AISI Grade A4 Stainless Steel

Nyloc nuts with locking thread

Metric thread M5 up to M8

Supplied loose


More Information

Jimmy Green Marine offer stainless steel Nyloc nuts from Holt Marine, supplied loose, not in a pack, so that you can specify your exact requirement.

Nyloc is a world recognised feature on stainless nuts providing peace of mind from the anti-loosening nylon addition to the thread to prevent nuts from vibrating undone.

Nyloc Nuts Facts and Features:

  • Marine Quality
  • AISI Grade A4 stainless steel
  • Nylon locking function
  • M5 up to M8 Metric thread
Thread Reference
M5 F142L
M6 F143L
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