Spliced Set Length Octoplait Nylon Bridles

LIROS Octoplait Nylon V Bridles

Available to purchase in set lengths

Produced to order

Spliced by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Designed to attach a towing line, para anchor rode or yacht drogue warp

£ 70.30 inc VAT

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LIROS Octoplait Nylon V Bridles are available to purchase in set lengths, spliced to order by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team splice and finish Octoplait Nylon V Bridles in house from LIROS Octoplait Nylon article 01058

Jimmy Green V Bridles are produced to order in house and therefore subject to splicing order lead times

LIROS Octoplait bridles are designed to attach a towing line, para anchor rode or yacht drogue warp

The bridle is made up from a single length of LIROS Octoplait White Nylon with a soft loop splice in each end and a stainless steel thimble spliced into the centre of the rope.

The rope is therefore continuous which is a far better solution than splicing 2 ropes together.
For this reason, a bridle is not advisable in 3 strand nylon

Bridles divide the load between two attachment points

By transferring the load to the leeward side of the vessel as it attempts to broach or yaw, the bridle dampens the effects of both actions.

The length of the bridle tails relates to the distance between the end loop bearing edge and the centre eye splice.

Rope diameter x Suggested Tail LengthRule of Thumb, Yacht Length Overall in metresPart Number
12mm x 2 metres up to 8 metresJGM09043
14mm x 3 metres8-10 metresJGM09044
16mm x 4 metres10-12 metresJGM09045
18mm x 5 metres12-14 metresJGM09046
20mm x 6 metres14-16 metresJGM09047
24mm x 8 metres16-18 metresJGM09048

You can build your own specification online, selecting rope diameter, tail length and finish.

Mooring/Anchoring V Bridles

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