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Selden Composite Cam Cleats -38mm
Selden Composite Cam Cleats -38mm

Compact Design

Composite material: Carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide

Excellent Grip

Excellent heat resistance


More Information

Selden Cam Cleats are manufactured from a specially developed carbon reinforced polyetherimide composite

Selden Composite Cam Cleat Facts and Features for 27mm:

  • Hole Spacing 27mm
  • Recommended Line Diameter - 3mm up to 7mm
  • Weight - 15g
  • Safe working Load - 90kg
  • Size (width between fixings) - 27mm
  • Maximum line diameter - 7mm

Selden Composite Cam Cleat Facts and Features for 38mm:

  • Hole Spacing 38mm
  • Recommended Line Diameter - 4mm up to 12mm
  • Weight - 32g
  • Safe working Load - 120kg
  • Size (width between fixings) - 38mm
  • Maximum line diameter - 12mm
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