Selden Composite Cam Cleats -38mm

Selden Cam Cleats - Composite

Selden carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide cam cleat secures lines & has the added benefit of being highly resistant to friction heat.

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Selden 27mm cam cleats have a rope capacity 3-7mm Hole spacing c-c 27mm

Weight: 15.00 g
Safe working Load: 90 kg
Size: 27 mm
Max line size: 7 mm

Selden 38mm cam cleats have a rope capacity 4-12mm Hole spacing c-c 38mm

32.00 g
Safe working Load: 120 kg
Size: 38 mm
Max line size: 12 mm

Both are Carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide for friction resistance.

Space saving compact design.

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