Selden Snap Shackle

Selden Snap Shackle Adaptor

Simple Selden solution for upgrading a standard shackle to a snap shackle

High Load Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel

Mirror polish finish

Simple attachment and removal by hand

£ 34.20 inc VAT

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The Selden snap shackle adaptor is a brilliant solution for any application that requires quick and simple attachment and removal e.g. runners and check stays.

Replace the standard shackle with a Selden snap shackle adaptor to gain all the benefits of ergonomic, efficient rig changes.

Selden world renowned marine engineering design and manufacturing delivers an excellent opportunity to improve the efficiency of sail handling manoevres.

Manufactured from High Load Duplex 2205 stainless steel with a mirror polished finish.

ItemSafe loadBreak LoadCombine withPart No
Snap adaptor 40550kg1100kgBBB40404-040-01R
Snap adaptor 50900kg1800kgPBB50, CX10, GX7.5, GX10405-040-01R
Snap adaptor 601500kg3000kgPBB60, PBB70, RBB60, CX15, GX15406-040-01R
Snap adaptor 802500kg5000kgPBB80, RBB80, CX25408-040-01R
Snap adaptor 1004000kg8000kgPBB100, CX40410-040-01R

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