Selden Plain Bearing Block 80mm PBB80 Quick-Lock

Quick Lock block temporarily locks line in place giving enough time to manoeuvre to the cleat or clutch making this ideal for sailing with small crews.

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Selden is a solid, reliable brand whose PBB80 Quick-Lock block comes at a fraction of the price of other leading brands.

The Selden PBB80 Quick-Lock comes with:

  • Spring-loaded arm for precise locking
  • Arm can be held open or closed
  • Glass fibre reinforced sheave with polymer bushing
  • Torsionally rigid glass fibre cheeks prevent line jamming
  • Radial loads absorbed by stainless strapp inside cheeks. 

Cheek blocks require M8 fixings, breaking loads (BL) and safe working loads (SWL) are hlaved on the upper sheave.

DescriptionPart No.SWLBLMax Line Size
Cheek Quick-Lock408-001-182000kg4000kg16mm
Double Cheek Quick-Lock408-001-192000kg4000kg16mm

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