Selden High Load Plain Bearing Blocks

The Selden high load blocks are optimised for wire or wire replacement ropes such as cover stripped dyneema.

Ideal for backstay applications due to their excellent performance under high static loads.

£ 43.20 inc VAT

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Technical features include:

  • Stainless steel, electro polished cheeks, anodised aluminium sheave and polymer plain bearing bushing.
  • Outer side plates to increase breaking load – but still optimising the weight.
  • The sheave is V-shaped for wires.
  • Light holes to reduce weight.
  • Two polyamide washers on pin/bushing to reduce play between wire terminal and cheeks.

ItemPin DiaSafe / break loadMax backstay wireMax wire on sheavePart no
High Load 458mm1100 / 2200 kg5mm4mm404-201-01R
High Load 608mm1500 / 3000 kg6mm6mm406-101-01R
High Load 8012.7mm2750 / 5500kg8mm7mm408-101-01R
High Load 10016mm4000 / 8000kg10mm8mm410-101-01R

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