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LIROS Shock Cord - 100 metre Reel Deal

LIROS Shock Cord

100 metre Reel

Maximum discount for 100 metres supplied on a useful storage reel.

Top quality latex rubber core with high tenacity, very durable 100% polyester cover.

3mm-12mm diameter


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Avoid the tangled heap of loops that can result from undoing a long hank.

Top quality Shock Cord manufactured by LIROS using the latest technology and state of the art machinery in their huge rope factory in Germany.

4mm, 5mm, 6mm 7mm and 8mm is available from stock in Black, Blue, Red, White and Yellow.
3mm, 10mm and 12mm is available from stock in White only.


Top quality Latex rubber core - LIROS Shock Cord has the maximum possible stretch under load with extremely good length retention i.e. when LIROS shock cord is stretched to it's utmost under tension and the load is released, it returns to the original length.

Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and tear due to the 100% high tenacity polyester cover with tight knit plaited construction.

3mm-8mm = 16 plait, 10mm,12mm = 24plait

Excellent Colour Retention - UV stabilised dyeing process on 100% polyester cover.

N.B. Polyester is far more durable than the polypropylene which is used on some inferior full colour cords.

101 uses on deck, down below as well as back home in the garage.

LIROS Shock Cord is essential on racing dinghies for taking up the slack on endless control lines.

Shock Cord is very useful for securing fittings e.g. to the rail, setting up stowage and guardrail netting and restraining all sorts of loose kit down below during a tack or gybe.

  • Purchase Type - 100 metre Reel
  • Rope Diameter - 5mm
  • Rope Diameter - 7mm
  • Rope Diameter - 8mm
  • Rope Diameter - 6mm
  • Rope Diameter - 10mm
  • Rope Diameter - 12mm
  • Rope Diameter - 4mm
  • Rope Diameter - 3mm