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Liros Stretch XTR
Liros Stretch XTR

High Tech Shock Cord with enduring Dyneema jacket

Available: 3-6mm diameter


Price per metre

More Information

LIROS Stretch XTR Article 00199 is a high tech development of the top quality shock cord manufactured by LIROS Ropes.

Cover: 16 plait Dyneema,
Core: Top quality latex rubber 

Plus Factors

  • Special cover construction design maximises the break load
  • Ultimate abrasion resistance
  • Very low weight
  • Low water absorption
  • UV stablilised
  • Long lasting elasticity

Colours and Diameters: 3mm-6mm in White

101 uses onboard and in the workshop

Ideal for takeaways, securing netting, all sorts of lashings and other fastenings.

LIROS Break Load
3mm 150kg
4mm 290kg
5mm 300kg
6mm 320kg

LIROS Stretch XTR reviewed by Dan Holman – Ex Olympic Laser Squad and Current International 14 Sailor

Having used Liros Stretch XTR for around a year now I can say that I am enormously impressed. It is used principally on takeup systems for control lines and trapeze lines on my i14 racing dinghy, often hidden away in places that make inspection / replacememt tricky. Generally, the duty is hard as these are congested areas with plenty of movement, plenty of friction and plenty of chafing against blocks, rope etc. The Stretch XTR has excelled itself in the applications that I have used it in, looking box fresh after a year, where I would have had to replace conventional shock cord a couple of times, and run the risk of failures whilst racing. The added bonus being that you can bank on a substantial breaking load from it should something else fail and the elastic become the last thing keeping something connected so there is a safety/reliability benefit as well. I would definately re rope the boat with this product as the only elastic.

  • Rope Diameter - 6mm
  • Rope Diameter - 4mm
  • Rope Diameter - 3mm
  • Rope Diameter - 5mm
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