Liros Stretch XTR

Liros Stretch XTR

LIROS Stretch  XTR - High Tech Shock Cord with enduring Dyneema jacket

Available: 3-6mm diameter

Sold per metre

£ 1.76 VAT incl.

£ 2.20


LIROS Stretch XTR Article 00199 is a high tech development of the top quality shock cord manufactured by LIROS Ropes

Cover: 16 plait Dyneema,
Core: Top quality latex rubber 

Plus Factors
Special cover construction design maximises the break load
Ultimate abrasion resistance
Very low weight
Low water absorption
UV stablilised
Long lasting elasticity

Colours and Diameters
3mm-6mm in White

101 uses onboard and in the workshop

Ideal for takeaways, securing netting, all sorts of lashings and other fastenings

LIROS Break Load
3mm 150kg
4mm 290kg
5mm 300kg
6mm 320kg